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Repairs and Restoration

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At our specialist workshop on Hampton Hill High Street we can undertake a full range of repairs and restoration work for violins, violas and cellos, all carried out to the highest standard.

Fit new Bridge, Sound Post, Pegs
Adjust Fingerboard
Fit new Fingerboard
Bass Bar fitting
Glue Edges
Tonal Adjustment
Sound Post Patch
Neck Reset
Crack Repair
Retouching of Varnish
Re-bushing of Peg Holes
Bow Rehair
New Silver Lapping and Leather Thumb Grip
New Bone/Ebony Face
New Brass Eye

Shaping a newly fitted Bass Bar
Replace violin front after fitting new bass bar
Setting up a violin

We trained and qualified in Violin Making and Repair at Merton College.

All bow rehairs and bow repairs/restorations are carried out on our premises by Chris Fountain. Chris trained in the Hill tradition at Ealing Strings where he previously worked for 38 years.

"Extremely helpful, instrument excellently set up!"

"Excellent service all round!! No hesitation to recommend 5*!"